Your Obstetrician and the Three Stages of Pregnancy

Childcare does not begin in conception. Rather, it begins even before the mother-to-be is pregnant. Taking care of the unborn baby is as important as giving him proper means for growth. The priority of any expecting mom is to make sure that she gives birth to a healthy infant. There are a lot of ways to achieve this with visiting an obstetrician the most important one.

The Importance of an Obstetrician

A mother giving birth will need the help of a professional practitioner during her nine months of pregnancy. An Obstetrician is a specialist in the practice of Obstetrics. This field of medicine deals with reproductive health during the three stages of pregnancy: prenatal, pregnancy and childbirth, and postnatal.

During the procedure, an Obstetrician is tasked with finding out any complications during the conception. The doctor examines the reproductive tract and other organs of the patient. By going to an Obstetrician , the pregnant woman will know the type of precautions that she should take during the various stages of pregnancy. Obstetrician s will also identify if complications may occur during childbirth.

Pregnancy Stages and your Obstetrician
The help of your Ob-Gyne during each of the three stages of pregnancy is crucial to the safety of you and your child. You need to make sure that you consult with licensed doctors during prenatal, pregnancy and childbirth, and postnatal.

• Prenatal Stage
Sometimes, getting pregnant can be difficult. An obstetrician can help and advice couples who are having problems conceiving a child. By conducting a series of tests and examinations, you will be given answers and possible options.

The procedure may take as short as a week or as long as years before any results are seen. It may take some time, but you can be sure that your doctor will be there throughout your entire pre-pregnancy. It is also their duty to keep each meeting private and discrete.

• Pregnancy and Childbirth
Your health and that of your baby is the main concern of the obstetrician. It is his or her responsibility to identify any possible complications during childbirth. Recommendations will be provided during a consultation. Monthly visits and eventually, weekly visits are a must.

• Postnatal Stage
Once the baby is delivered, the last task of the OB-Gyne begins. The condition of a mother after childbirth will be as delicate as ever. Whether your body can still take another pregnancy in the coming years will depend on the obstetrician’s findings.

If it is proven that your body can no longer handle another pregnancy, you are given different options on how you want to proceed. Although the decision regarding your health is ultimately yours, the advice and guidance of an obstetrician will be very helpful.