Women’s Wonder Food: Soy

According to doctors, women trying to lose weight will need to consume about 100 grams of protein a day. This is to fight against any hunger pains and build muscles, while losing weight at the same time. Low protein diets run the risk of making you lose more muscle.

One of the best “super foods” that is a great source of proteins is SOYBEANS. Not only does it pack a protein punch, but it also contains a large amount of amino acids which plays a big role in metabolism. Soy-based food and drinks are also low to no cholesterol and saturated fats, as opposed to other protein sources.

Here are some other interesting facts about this wonder food:

soy protein1. Soy contains isoflavones which help in the restoration, repair and protection of cells from damaging effects of pollution, excessive sunlight and other normal body processes that cause cells to be affected.

2. Soy reduces the risks brought about by heart disease since the proteins and nutrients contained in soy help lower cholesterol and can also decrease blood clotting. This in turn helps lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In one study, participants were asked to drink a soy based shake for nine weeks. When their cholesterol levels were checked, there was an average 5% decrease compared their levels at the beginning of the study. The ones with the highest levels actually saw an 11% percent drop from their original levels.

3. Soy can also help your body protect itself from cancer. Because of the soluble fibers found in soy, this helps protect your body from digestive related cancers like colon and rectal cancer. The isoflavones, on the other hand, can help protect against hormone related cancers like breast, uterine and prostate cancer.

4. The isoflavones in soy helps to prevent endometriosis, or when the woman’s lining in the womb or uterus grows in other areas of the body.

5. Soy proteins help the body to absorb and retain calcium in the bones. Meanwhile, the isoflavones lessen the degeneration of bones. These, then, help lessen the effect of osteoporosis.

6. The isoflavones in soy can also control the symptoms of menopause and PMS, since it can help regulate the hormones such as estrogen. Some research has even shown soy to reduce menopausal hot flushes.

7. Soy’s protein and fiber can control diabetes and kidney diseases by regulating the glucose levels and filtration of the kidneys.

No wonder soy is slowly becoming a household wonder food and probably making it an integral part of you and your family’s diet will surely have its benefits.