Why Child Rearing is Difficult: The Issues at Hand

How hard is it to raise a child? In this era of iPhones and compact gadgets, everyone wants everything to be easy and instant. Child rearing becomes a mere duty rather than a heartfelt obligation.

There are some who have continued the trend of raising their children the right way. Yet, there are more who seem to be negligent of this obligation. While some do not actually aim at being absentee parents, their countless efforts have backfired rather than benefit. For instance, giving everything that your child asks for is not a good way of raising him. This will make him think that everything can come easy, thus spoiling him at such a young age.

Why Child Rearing is Difficult

There are several reasons why child rearing is so difficult these days. These issues arise because of so many factors. In this case, culture and environment are some of the biggest perpetrators. Here are the reasons why it is hard to actually raise a kid these days.

  • – The formation of the family, or lack thereof
    Child rearing is a job that is originally made for two people. It provides the holistic perception that a child needs. These days, the commitment shared by parents is not as strong. It even gets more discerning that even despite a kid, they still deem it possible to separate ways.

    With respect to single parents, kids need both their mother and father. It is the duty of both parents to give their kid the benefit of having both of them present as much as possible.

  • – The drive to succeed and the “nanny” effect
    Most parents are more concerned with their careers rather than the welfare of their children. They focus more on their jobs knowing that they can just hire a nanny to do the child rearing for them.

    This perception is truly flawed. Children need their real parents to truly grow. It is that bond between them that has to flourish. What happens when the nanny no longer can perform her duties? Then you have a child who feels so indifferent about you, after years of having a nanny present to do the job that you should be doing.

  • – Looking for direct answers to your questions
    The truth is that there is no clear cut way of raising your children. The response to your efforts will depend on his demeanor. It is your job to find what works for your child, as it is important that you do so.

It has been your obligation to properly raise your kid from the time that you are trying to conceive. Be careful with what you do, as these can affect your child’s personality. Remember that even bad traits can still remain once they become men themselves.