Types of Fertility Treatments

Conception problems are a big hindrance to a couple’s desire of having a family. This spurns a lot of issues, and might even affect a couple’s relationship. Thankfully, science has provided a solution.

Fertility treatments are the results of various developments in the field of medicine. A number of which have been known to produce results, but not in the instant sense. These methods are safe with most of which being non-invasive. Regardless of what you choose, one should first consult a doctor to know which of the treatments will produce the best possible outcome.

All About Fertility Treatments

In most cases, doctors would recommend fertility medication for people who are having problems conceiving. If that doesn’t work, then (and only then) can fertility treatments be used as options.

Contrary to what many perceive, fertility treatments aren’t actually new. Most of the methods are still in the development stages. In short, there is more room for improvement.

What does this mean exactly? If at this point where nearly a million successful pregnancies have been done due to the current treatments that we have, expect more when the treatment actually reaches its full potential.

The Different Kinds of Fertility Treatments

When one does not work, another one will. Because of different kinds of fertility treatments, a couple can have their choice of method. But again, a doctor has to identify if such will produce results. Here are the different kinds of fertility treatments.

  • ICSI or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
    ICTSI is perhaps, the most direct of all the treatments. By injecting the sperm directly into the egg, the process of fertilization is not left to chance.

    Usually, this treatment is used by men who have sperm motility issues. Those who have low sperm count also benefit from this method.

  • IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination
    Unlike ICTSI where the sperm is directly injected to the egg, IUI injects directly into the woman. First, the sperm is cleansed so as to bring out its highest possible (and attainable) quality. Then, the sperm is injected. The doctors will do the process during the time when the woman is ovulating.

  • IVF or In Vitro Fertilization
    IVF is the most basic of all the treatments. It is done by fertilizing the egg outside of the body. By collecting a sperm and egg sample from the couple, they are then combined in a petri dish.

    The process is so non-invasive and may result in multiple pregnancies. The saved samples can be stored cryogenically and be used for future use.

No doubt, pregnancy is easier these days. Thanks to the developments in science and medicine, conception problems are now a thing of the past.