Lose Weight during your Favorite TV Shows

Weight loss can often be a challenging task that demands much time and resources from a person. But there are actually ways that you can do this without having to sign up for a gym membership, or buying different diet books and exercise guides. There are exercises that you can do in the comfort of […]

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Now that baby is here, there are probably more things that you will be thinking about: the baby’s food, your sleeping schedule and maybe even how to lose the extra pounds that you have gained during pregnancy. Generally, for women who started with normal weight, and gained the extra pounds the doctor recommended, they can […]

4 Weight Loss Secrets You Won’t Find in Diet Books

With the overwhelming choices of weight-loss techniques, plans and fad diets, it has become difficult to determine which among them actually works best for people. There are some that are too restrictive, others are too extreme and those that don’t even feel like real diet plans. But no matter which of them you may try, […]