How Would you Know if you’re Pregnant or Not?

How do you know if you are actually pregnant? The signs vary in so many ways. Plus, they tend to be so generic that they can indicate other bodily conditions as well. Sometimes, it’s easier to go to your OB Gyn and have yourself checked. Whether you are truly pregnant lies in the signs and […]

How To Prepare For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is perhaps the most important part in a woman’s life. It’s all about bringing a happy, healthy, bouncing baby into this world. The task seems simple enough, but there are a lot of obligations involved. Being a mother, how prepared are you for this ordeal? Preparing for your Pregnancy The key to preparation is […]

Benefits of Pregnancy Exercises

For women, getting pregnant already marks the beginning of motherhood. It is a promising stage when women learn the glory and the pain of carrying a child inside them for nine months. This stage of a woman’s life can be a scary yet exciting time. As a mother, you need to make sure that you […]

The Test Tube Baby In The Fertilization Process

Couples who had a difficult time conceiving a child because of age, few undeveloped eggs, low sperm count, or barren fallopian tubes can now bear children via in-vitro fertilization. When the fertilization process is done, the resulting offspring is considered a test tube baby. IVF: What You Need To Know The natural process of making […]

Your Obstetrician and the Three Stages of Pregnancy

Childcare does not begin in conception. Rather, it begins even before the mother-to-be is pregnant. Taking care of the unborn baby is as important as giving him proper means for growth. The priority of any expecting mom is to make sure that she gives birth to a healthy infant. There are a lot of ways […]