Guidelines For Choosing A Fertility Specialist

For women and couples who are struggling to start a family, there is a similar sequence of events. After the first few months of unsuccessful attempts, one or both partners seek medical advice. Sometimes these sources of advice include the Internet, friends in the medical or paramedical fields, or an actual consultation with a gynecologist […]

How to Beat Stresses of Pregnancy

For women who are pregnant, stress is an inevitable part of getting pregnant. However, it is still unclear how stress can be harmful for you and your baby. Years of women’s health research have been conducted to determine whether an increase in stressful events can result in miscarriage, preterm delivery, or somehow cause harm or […]

What To Expect From Your First Prenatal Checkup

Maybe you’ve noticed that you haven’t gotten your period in the past six weeks, or something just feels different. Or perhaps you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it came up positive. Either way, you just feel, well, pregnant. As soon as you have a remote suspicion about being pregnant, it’s time to schedule a prenatal […]

Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Pregnancy changes a lot of things about everyday life, at least from People are generally aware that getting pregnant means that you need to make some adjustments. Say you’ve got a vacation coming up that you planned several months ago. You know, the one you had your heart set on before you got pregnant? Before […]

First Signs of Pregnancy

Couples who have been trying to conceive often look for the different signs and symptoms. Some of these are associated with very different illnesses or physiological changes, but when taken together, they can make a strong case for pregnancy. Before you read into your symptoms too closely, here are some of the first clues your […]

What is Premature Ovarian Failure?

For many women, it is common knowledge that the success rates of pregnancy decrease as you get older. This decline in fertility continues until menopause, usually at about 51 years of age, when your ovaries are no longer functioning. Post-menopausal women are no longer expected to be able to carry a pregnancy to term, let […]

Facts on Infertility

Infertility is a dreaded term. It carries a certain sense of finality for couples having trouble getting pregnant, and is accompanied with dread or despair. But how do you know if you really are infertile? Here are some facts that may be useful in learning more about infertility. Definition of infertility. Infertility is defined by […]