The Laptop and its Effect on Male Fertility

Infertility is the inability to become pregnant after trying for one year. This can be caused by the woman, the man or a combination of both. With men, there are many possible causes of infertility like hormonal imbalances, physical problems, psychological issues, and lifestyle. One example of a physical factor is the malfunction of the […]

Fertility Drugs for Men

When it comes to producing healthy sperm to make a baby, a healthy male hormone balance is essential. The hormones that control female reproductive processes are the same hormones that control these processes in males. Not surprisingly, reproductive specialists sometimes prescribed the same fertility drugs for sperm problems in men that women receive for ovulation […]

Reproductive Health and You: How to Take Care of your Sexual State

Being in top shape is always a priority. Nobody wants to be unhealthy, especially in a time where nearly everything that we ingest can pose serious threats to one’s well-being. While it is important to eat right, there are other ways that have to be done in order to stay in proper shape. You and […]

Fertility Diet For Men

The infertility rate for men has steadily increased through the years. This is caused by a variety of health issues, particularly diet and lifestyle. These days, many men are unaware of the changes that their bodies undergo. It is this lack of information that has led most to believe to be the root cause of […]