Comparison between Slow Freezing and Vitrification

For oocyte cryopreservation, there are several methods available to achieve the process. As the demands for embryo freezing have increased, so have the number of IVF clinics who have adopted vitrification. At many clinics, this is the freezing method of choice. Conventional freezing methods have several problems. Numerous studies have determined that ice crystals cause […]

Semen Analysis: Tests for Male Infertility

When couples are struggling to become pregnant, they are more than likely to suspect that the cause of the problem is a female reproductive disorder. However, their inability to conceive may actually be due to a medical disorder found with the father. More than one-third of couples dealing with infertility have been diagnosed with a […]

Differences between IUI IVF and ICSI

Medical procedures, whether they are clinical, diagnostic, or therapeutic, often have long names that are often difficult to pronounce and remember. Assistive reproductive therapy is no different, and the modalities may be very different despite having similar sounding names. IUI, ICSI, and IVF are among the most common acronyms mentioned between professionals in the field […]

Calm Down, You’ll Get Pregnant Eventually!

The best things in life are yet to come when you have a child. The idea of rearing a child is an experience like no other. Before you even get there, ask yourself, “How can I bring a healthy baby into this world?” It all starts with your commitment to the process. Not everyone can […]

Why People want IVF Success Stories Rather Than Statistics

Exercise your options. It almost sounds like a canned response. When the chips are down, you take another one. In so many ways, this is only natural. But there is one thing hindering people to do this: the uncertainty of the outcome. In-vitro fertilization has seen tremendous progress over the last decade, having become a […]

A Guy’s Guide to IVF

Conception problems are mostly blamed on women, mostly due to misinformation and an incomplete understanding of the factors involved in a couple’s attempt to conceive a child. But is it really true? Do women really deserve this much blame for such difficulty? Men Have to do Their Part as Well Studies have shown that men […]

Why Undergo IVF?

Infertility is a condition that can be depressing and devastating for couples. Both men and women are affected, and it puts a strain on the relationship. It can possibly destroy a lot of plans, hampering your chances of having a family. When the time comes and people want to settle down, infertility is a seemingly […]

Assisted Reproductive Technology Demystified

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a medical procedure designed to aid infertile couples who are attempting to conceive a child. A number of varied methods are put in this classification, and these practices facilitate the couple in successfully making a baby. Infertility can be caused by different factors. One of the most common causes of […]

Reproductive Health: Defining the Scopes and Processes

Reproductive health is always of paramount value. An individual’s ability to conceive depends on how they improve or maintain their reproductive health. These days, Reproductive Medicine is one of the best solutions to do so. What is Reproductive Medicine? There are many branches of medicine that deals with a specific condition. Contrary to popular belief, […]

Finding Success With In Vitro Fertilization

Infertility could be considered a big stumbling block in a couple’s pursuit of completing their family. But nowadays, it is possible for aspiring parents to overcome these hurdles with the help of In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is not exactly a new technology in the medical field. The first successful procedure recorded in 1978. But could […]