How to prevent multiple pregnancies after IVF

In-vitro fertilization has often been the mainstay solution for dealing with infertility, however it has also been cited as being responsible for an unusual side effect: multiple pregnancies. Twins, triplets, and even higher order multiples have been reported in women who have no family history of multiple births. Although the prospect of twins and triplets […]

Signs of Pregnancy During the 2-Week Waiting Period after IVF

It goes without saying that women who have just undergone in-vitro fertilization have been through far more than most. After having experienced several disappointments from failed attempts at pregnancy, spending money on diagnostic examinations, they receive confirmation of a fertility problem from their Ob-Gyn. Then, after they are put on a treatment regimen that usually […]

Benefits of Cryopreservation

Cryopreservation is a fertility therapy in which a woman’s oocytes are extracted, frozen, and stored for the future. Later, the oocytes can be thawed, fertilized via in vitro fertilization, and later transferred back to the woman’s uterus as embryos or blastocysts to complete their development into a fetus. Cryopreservation has also been applied to later […]