Factors Associated with Embryo Transfer Success

In-vitro fertilization is a process whose success depends on several factors and characteristics that contribute to an environment that can make or break a couple‚Äôs chances at having a baby. While there have been numerous studies on improving stimulation of hormones, the current medical literature is not as comprehensive on the aspects of oocyte collection […]

How Genetic Testing Is Used For IVF

In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, can be thought of as more than a procedure, but an entire process, beginning from the initial screening, through implantation of the embryo, and continuing through the duration of the pregnancy until the baby is delivered. Every step along the way has its own trials and tribulations, during which the expectant […]

Antisperm Antibodies and How They Affect IVF Treatment

Antisperm antibodies are present in 7-10% of men with fertility problems, and can cause for them a significant reduction in fertility. While this does not necessarily mean an absolute prevention of conception, the likelihood of the occurrence of pregnancy has an inverse relationship with the concentration of antibodies. At levels above 40%, natural conception is […]