INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things to Do For IVF Success

No one can readily rely everything to medical methods to conceive. Maintaining good health is a must to ensure success. Click on image below for actual sized infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Simple Steps to Lower Cholesterol

To have a successful fertility or infertility treatments, full maintenance of our health is necessary. Below is an infographic on steps to maintain our cholesterol values to attain utmost health.

Atraumatic Assisted Hatching and Partial Zona Dissection

In-vitro fertilization is among the most widely used techniques to deal with infertility and to help couples become pregnant. Although it has many success stories to its credit, IVF is sometimes inefficient, and this is usually due to implantation failure. Failure to implant occurs because of several factors, including genetic abnormalities within the embryos, less-than-optimal […]

A Thank You Note

To our valued Clients, Before 2012 ends, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us the chance to help you in bringing new smiles into the world. Your smiles and gratitude inspires us to continue our advocacy to bring more smiles to others in the future. From the pioneer IVF […]

Tips in Finding the Right IVF Center For You

Let’s say that you and your partner have not been very successful in your attempts at starting a family. You’ve had your hormones checked by your gynecologist, and you’ve had a couple miscarriages in the past. Your husband has also undergone a semen analysis, and although things look normal on his end, you’re facing an […]

How to Prepare for your First IVF Appointment

Most women become clients of a fertility clinic the same way: they experience some trouble getting pregnant and consult their OB GYN. Some lab tests later, they receive a diagnosis that sounds like some really bad news: infertility. Then, either their doctor refers them to a fertility clinic where IVF treatment may be available, or […]