How to Support the Infertile Man

Couples who have to cope with infertility often have an uphill battle to climb, and coping is a very difficult task. They have to face many questions they can’t answer on their own, let alone understand, since infertility is an issue with many variables. Infertility in the Philippines may be especially challenging to handle, with […]

Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Support IVF?

Western medicine has a documented history, and its strong foundation in science and research make it an unquestioned discipline. It is thought of as modern, rational, and sensible, using pharmaceutical elements measured and delivered at controlled dosages. Surgical handling of tissues is also done in a controlled, scientific and methodical way. And many aspects of […]

How Weight Impacts IVF

It is a universal fact that maintaining a normal, healthy body composition is important to fertility, since being overly obese or overly thin can adversely affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Women or couples with difficulty conceiving may decide to attempt a cycle of in-vitro fertilization, which may be complicated by health issues such […]

Is pre-ivf hysteroscopy necessary?

Screening and diagnostic modalities are important in all fields of clinical medicine, and assistive reproductive therapy is no exception. In the female patient with a suspected fertility issue, the uterine cavity and endometrial lining can be evaluated by several means, such as noninvasive imaging examinations like transvaginal ultrasonography and hysterosalpingography. A hysteroscopy is an invasive […]

Tests for Diagnosis of Male Infertility

For couples faced with infertility, the female partner is often suspected of having a fertility problem. However, her male partner may also have a fertility issue that needs to be addressed. The tests for diagnosing male infertility begin with a general physical exam and medical history. This includes a genital examination as well as questions […]