How to Prepare for your First IVF Appointment

Most women become clients of a fertility clinic the same way: they experience some trouble getting pregnant and consult their OB GYN. Some lab tests later, they receive a diagnosis that sounds like some really bad news: infertility. Then, either their doctor refers them to a fertility clinic where IVF treatment may be available, or […]

How to Beat Stresses of Pregnancy

For women who are pregnant, stress is an inevitable part of getting pregnant. However, it is still unclear how stress can be harmful for you and your baby. Years of women’s health research have been conducted to determine whether an increase in stressful events can result in miscarriage, preterm delivery, or somehow cause harm or […]

What To Expect From Your First Prenatal Checkup

Maybe you’ve noticed that you haven’t gotten your period in the past six weeks, or something just feels different. Or perhaps you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it came up positive. Either way, you just feel, well, pregnant. As soon as you have a remote suspicion about being pregnant, it’s time to schedule a prenatal […]

Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Pregnancy changes a lot of things about everyday life, at least from People are generally aware that getting pregnant means that you need to make some adjustments. Say you’ve got a vacation coming up that you planned several months ago. You know, the one you had your heart set on before you got pregnant? Before […]

How Sex During Pregnancy Affects You

Let’s be frank. Sex is a basic human drive. It’s how couples express their love and desire. And it’s what people do to get pregnant. However, once they’re already pregnant, many couples have questions, even developing doubts and fears, and even avoid sex altogether. Is that entirely necessary? Here are some answers to some common […]

Fitness Activities Approved for Pregnant Women

Just because you got pregnant doesn’t mean you have to put things on hold, especially exercise. In fact, having a pregnant exercise routine can improve your health, wellbeing, and allow you to handle the day-to-day challenges you face as an expectant mother. Exercise gives your body and mind plenty of benefits, including impoved circulation, heart […]

How to Calculate Your Due Date

Pregnancy is a long journey whose result can affect your life considerably. Couples who are in the process of getting pregnant are most interested in knowing as much as they can about their pregnancy. After you confirm whether you’re pregnant, the most common question you will be asked during your pregnancy is “When’s your due […]

First Signs of Pregnancy

Couples who have been trying to conceive often look for the different signs and symptoms. Some of these are associated with very different illnesses or physiological changes, but when taken together, they can make a strong case for pregnancy. Before you read into your symptoms too closely, here are some of the first clues your […]

How to Deal with Emotions for a Successful Pregnancy

Imagine you’re at home watching your usual evening TV show, when a quirky and lighthearted laundry soap commercial comes on. The background music was a pop song from the eighties. Within seconds of the music starting, you suddenly burst into tears. But was it the commercial that got you started? Pregnancy has a powerful effect […]

How Weight Affects Fertility

Before couples even start thinking about having a baby, they should first consider their health. Both men and women’s health are fundamental priorities for overall wellness, and getting pregnant is no exception at all. Simply put, healthy people make healthy babies. The Role of Fat Discrepancies in body fat can disrupt the delicate balance between […]