What Is In Vitro Maturation?

In-vitro maturation (IVM) is an assisted reproductive technique in which a woman’s ovarian follicles are removed from the ovaries and mature in the laboratory prior to in-vitro fertilization. The difference between IVM and conventional IVF lies in the relative immaturity of the follicle as compared to the oocyte. Folliculogenesis begins with the primordial follicle, which […]

Epigenetics and its relation to IVF

In the field of genetics, the topic of epigenetics examines the changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms above and beyond the changes found in the DNA structure itself. Some of these changes are heritable. In other words, modifications to the genome in form and function occur without the DNA sequence having been altered. Instead, […]

How many times can you do IVF?

For couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization, the whole process can take a heavy emotional, physical and financial toll on both partners. Thus, it is very important that they approach IVF under the best circumstances: that they be educated, financially prepared, in good health, and with the appropriate mindset. Couples must realize that multiple attempts are the […]

What Serum Progesterone Blood Can Do For You

Women who have trouble getting pregnant often have plenty of questions about their condition, especially if they feel normal, or if they have no symptoms to report. They may schedule an appointment with their physician, who would perform a complete medical history and physical exam, only to discover unremarkable or otherwise normal findings. The next […]