Reproductive Health and You: How to Take Care of your Sexual State

Being in top shape is always a priority. Nobody wants to be unhealthy, especially in a time where nearly everything that we ingest can pose serious threats to one’s well-being. While it is important to eat right, there are other ways that have to be done in order to stay in proper shape.

You and your Reproductive Health

What you eat defines what you do. And what you do defines what you eat. When the time comes and you are ready to commit to a family, you will look back at the things that you have done. Have you done the right things to promote your reproductive health?

You may not know it but even the smallest acts can affect your sexual state. The worst of it comes after you and your partner have been planning to have children for quite a long time already. Then all your plans come tumbling down once you realize you’re firing blanks!

It’s never too late. There are still ways to resolve your conception problems.

Steps to Improve your Fertility

The road to pregnancy is long and arduous. There is a need to commit to this, as there are some old habits that need to be left behind. Here are the steps to improve your fertility.

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and cigarettes
    One of the biggest effects of cigarettes and alcohol is that it can lessen your sexual drive. As a matter of fact, it has been known that cigarettes can actually make your penis lose some of its length. It can also lessen the production of sex cells (both eggs and sperms).

    For your reproductive health, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Not only do these affect your sex organs, but also your overall health.

  • – Always be positive and avoid stress
    Stress has been linked to a lot of sexual problems, including lack of drive and a low sperm count. Avoid it as much as possible. If one cannot avoid it (work perhaps?), then alleviate it by exercising.

    Exercise can release positive energy onto the body and also provide an optimum condition for your body. This is important, as it is easier to get pregnant / impregnate when you are in top shape.

  • Be vigilant of your surroundings
    Always be mindful of where you go, what you wear, and what you do. Substances like pesticides, paint and radiation can decrease sperm count. Jacuzzis and hot tubs can increase the temperature of your scrotum especially when wearing tight fitting clothes.

Lastly, eat right. It’s already been reiterated so many times, but going on a proper diet is truly the best way to take care of your reproductive health. Load up on foods rich in antioxidants as these can help in the maintenance of the sperm cells and the alleviation of male infertility.