Men and Infertility: Symptoms and Treatments

Are you and your partner having a difficult time conceiving? The usual conclusion would be that there is something wrong with the female partner. This is not solely the only issue at hand that anyone should be thinking. There are a lot of issues why women can’t seem to get pregnant.

Men and Infertility

Always remember that pregnancy is a task for both couples. It does not merely rest on the woman. Men also play a big part when during conception. It is said the 40% of infertility cases are said to originate from women. The other 40 % is attributed to a low sperm count on men. The remaining 20% are due to unknown causes.

The numbers are there. When it comes to infertility, men should be given attention. The problem lies in identifying the problems. How does one identify male infertility anyway? Here are some of the symptoms.

  • Lack of sexual drive.

Having a hard time getting an erection? Infertility in men can be traced with how they see sex in itself. Usually, a lack of sexual drive is caused by one’s inability to give appropriate time for the deed. This can lead to a lot of problems other than infertility like failure to ejaculate or a smaller male organ.

  • Changes in the body.

Dull skin and enlarged breast tissues are some of the signs of infertility for men. It is important that you take note of these. They may not have anything to do with your sex organ, but they are still major symptoms.

  • Failed attempts in getting your partner pregnant.

The prognosis is that if you can’t impregnate your woman within six months, then there is a problem. There are several factors that can attribute to this like stress and work schedule. However, it is important to consult a doctor to determine whether it is a case of infertility or simply stress effects.

How to Treat Infertility

If you have the symptoms, it is best that you do something about them immediately. The earlier you handle the issue, the higher the chances of getting better.

  • Use male enhancement products.

You may be lacking in a bit of push. Male enhancement products can help improve your sex drive among other things. Just make sure that you use products that are safe and won’t have any side effects.

  • Change your lifestyle.

Drinking and smoking may also cause infertility. Men are more prone to these types of unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to avoid or even lessen your alcohol, drug or cigarette use. Eating healthy foods rich in minerals and vitamins can also help avoid infertility problems.

  • Consult your doctor first.

Consulting your doctor will help you understand exactly what is going on. Your symptoms may be due to infertility, or it could be due to other medical condition. Either way, your doctor can identify the issue and advice you on the best remedy.