Lose Weight during your Favorite TV Shows

Weight loss can often be a challenging task that demands much time and resources from a person. But there are actually ways that you can do this without having to sign up for a gym membership, or buying different diet books and exercise guides. There are exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home, even while you’re reading a book or watching TV!

All you have to do is be a little creative. There are many tools in the house that you can use to break a sweat and burn those calories. The following are some suggestions that you can try, but always keep in mind that there is room for you to try other things.

1. Pick a show that you can watch while exercising: Watching a romantic flick while doing crunches may not be so effective for a lot of people. The mood does not really set the tone for your abs and the absence of commercial breaks makes it harder to keep track of your sets and reps.

A suggestion would be to do your exercises while watching the news. You do not necessarily have to keep your eyes on the screen and can just listen to understand it. Plus, the commercial breaks can help guide you with the intervals for your exercise.

2. Move and fidget while watching your shows: Do leg raises, flex your thighs and calf muscles, or lift light weights. Just make sure that you are not stagnant and sitting still on your couch. Research has shown that constant movement while on your couch can burn up to 350 calories.

3. Move exercise equipment in front of the TV: If you have a stationery bike, treadmill or walkers lying around in your basement, garage or bodega, move it to the living room, IN FRONT of the tv. This will force you to stay on your bike or treadmill while watching TV, hopefully while using them.

4. Do exercises during commercials: You can create an exercise plan during every commercial break of your favorite shows. Create a target set of reps for push-ups, sit-ups/ crunches, lunges and squats. Achieve the target reps before the end of each commercial break. You can increase the number of sets every week.

5. Walk or jog in place while watching your show: This does not even require any equipment and will just require you to have enough space to move around. Set intervals while watching a show or movie, taking short breaks in between.

6. Do other house chores while watching TV: You can iron and fold your clothes, clean the living room and couch. You burn calories while finishing things you need to do in the house.

7. Switch the exercise routines for each show: To avoid getting tired of dong the same exercise over and over again, switch between them per show. You can focus on leg work while watching the news and then do upper body exercises during your favorite sitcoms.

Weight loss can be simple as long as you have the discipline. The tools to achieving your goal are all around you.