How To Prepare For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is perhaps the most important part in a woman’s life. It’s all about bringing a happy, healthy, bouncing baby into this world. The task seems simple enough, but there are a lot of obligations involved. Being a mother, how prepared are you for this ordeal?

Preparing for your Pregnancy

The key to preparation is tolerance. Always remember that you are carrying another life within you. It is the health of both you and your child that you have to be wary of. Some of the indulgences that you might have grown accustomed to will have to be taken in smaller amounts, or even avoided altogether. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your pregnancy.

–          Alcohol and vices need to be avoided

Do you smoke or drink? Once you become pregnant, you will have to avoid these right away. Alcohol has bad effects on the baby and does not pose any benefits whatsoever. There are only a few alcoholic beverages that can be tolerated. Red wine in small amounts is good for the mother’s heart and can still be taken in occasionally.

However, there is no substitute to smoking, as it has to be avoided altogether. The problems associated with smoking during pregnancy have already been well documented. Birth defects and failed pregnancies have been linked to this vice.

–          Load up on your daily vitamins

While eating right is obviously necessary, it is still important that you acquire the right amount of vitamins that you and your baby needs. Folic acid, or folate, in particular, is necessary for the development of the baby’s central nervous system. Birth defects such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects have been linked to folate deficiency.

–          Be in tip top shape

Contrary to what most believe, pregnant women still need to exercise. Workouts don’t have to be as intense as what you used to do before you got pregnant. A few walks around the park every day can be enough. For much-needed flexibility, Yoga can also be a good workout for women. This exercise focuses on the core, an essential part of the body when pregnant.

–          Visit your OB Gyne regularly

Always have an OB Gyn ready to answer all your questions. Regular visits are important for possible changes you’ll be experiencing. Keep in mind that the whole process will take a long time. Professional help is necessary for a good and healthy delivery.

Always remember to be prepared and stay calm. Do not enter too many stressful situations during your pregnancy, as this can also have bad effects on the baby. And lastly, your body is changing, so be ready for anything.