How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Now that baby is here, there are probably more things that you will be thinking about: the baby’s food, your sleeping schedule and maybe even how to lose the extra pounds that you have gained during pregnancy.

Generally, for women who started with normal weight, and gained the extra pounds the doctor recommended, they can expect to lose this within a few months. This is considering that they follow a healthy diet and exercise.

For women who were overweight before pregnancy or gained more weight than the doctor’s recommendation, weight loss may probably take up to a year.

It is recommended that mothers should shed the weight gained since this could cause problems in the long term, like obesity.

This is why doctors recommend to follow a stricter diet and lifestyle around six to eight weeks after delivery or during your postnatal check up. Typically, they will suggest the following practices to help in weight loss:

 1. Don’t Crash Diet: Depriving the basic need of food can increase the amount of stress a mother is feeling. This could result in binge or emotional eating, making her gain even more weight.

Instead of food deprivation, eat a well-balanced diet made up of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins like white chicken and healthy fatty acids from fish. Drinking lots of water is also recommended as this can help make you feel fuller and speeds up metabolism. Calorie intake should be 1,800 each day to stay healthy, most especially if the mother is breastfeeding.

 2. Breastfeed: There are some cases where breastfeeding has helped women lose weight faster, but there are also some cases where the weight stays the same despite exclusive breastfeeding.

One sure thing is that breastfeeding is very good for the baby since it boosts their immunity and provides myriad of health benefits.

 3. Exercise! : Apart from dieting, a woman also needs to engage in physical activity to shed the weight. Not only will this burn calories but also strengthen muscles and bones. It also relieves stress, and helps in possible sleep issues that may arise after giving birth.

Exercises do not necessarily have to be in the gym. They can be a brisk walk with your baby, a quick trip to the convenience store or other activities that can get your heart pumping and muscles working. A weekly goal would be to have around 150 minutes of exercise a week. Eventually, you can incorporate light weights to increase the burn.

 4. Get Some Sleep: Though this may seem impossible, mothers can try to accustom themselves to the sleeping pattern of their baby. Sleep deprivation causes stress on your body, making it need more nourishment.

With a healthy and balanced lifestyle, weight loss after pregnancy is can be achieved without much stress. Just make sure to also ask your doctor if there are any concerns about these tips.