How to Improve Success in IUI Program

Improve Success in IUI Program

Physicians in the field of assisted reproductive therapies tend to agree that IVF/IUI success comes down to egg quality. Many women wonder if they have the ability to improve their egg quality. Extensive research has shown that certain treatments and supplements can improve egg quality by improving blood supply, balancing hormones, and maximizing nutritional exposure to developing eggs.

Patients undergoing an IUI or IVF cycle may undergo a reproductive health program three months prior to beginning treatment. Eggs go through a three-month recruitment phase before natural ovulation or stimulation for IVF/IUI. During this period, the eggs are nourished by the surrounding fluid within the follicles. Follicular fluid is greatly influenced by nutrition, hormones, and stress. Taking proper care of your body during this time frame can impact the quality of eggs. Any woman planning to undergo IVF or IUI should follow such a program to increase her chances of a successful pregnancy.

The following components may be included in a customized personal three-month program to improve reproductive health:

1. Fertility cleanse: Follow an anti-inflammatory diet for 21 days, and consume cleansing supplements. The goal is liver and GI (gastrointestinal) detoxification. This is very important if you have a history of taking synthetic hormones such as birth-control pills or fertility medications.
2. Nutritional Supplements: Be sure to check with your fertility specialist, who will prescribe supplements after reviewing your medical history, current food and drug intake, and blood tests.
3. Chinese Herbal Medications:Chinese herbs are very effective in supporting fertility and regulating hormones.Only the Chinese herbs that are safe and are of the highest quality should be used.
4. Dietary Program: It is important to choose foods that maximize health and fertility. Avoid foods that have been shown to have a negative impact on fertility.
5. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is believed to promote hormonal balance and reduce the circulation of stress hormones in the body. Studies have shown that acupuncture can improve implantation rates in IVF.
6. Massage: Fertility massage also helps to improve reproductive health and circulation.

The reproductive health program would be beneficial to people with any of the following characteristics:

• Any couple planning to do in-vitro fertilization, IUI, egg donor cycle, or frozen embryo transfer
• Couples who have had previous unsuccessful cycles
• Women with low anti-mullerian hormone or high follicle-stimulating hormone
• Women with poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, or identified as “poor responders”
• Women over the age of 35 and with a history of miscarriage
• Men with low sperm count, poor motility or poor morphology
• Women with autoimmune disorders

After following the program, you will achieve these results:

• Improvement of fertility markers on blood work, such as lowered FSH and increased AMH
• Increased success with assisted reproductive therapy
• Better response to fertility medications
• Improved antral follicle count
• Improved general overall health
• Improved bodily functions (sleep, digestion, mood, energy)
• Regular menstrual cycles and balanced hormones
• Thicker uterine lining
• Improved sperm count and quality