How Sex During Pregnancy Affects You

Let’s be frank. Sex is a basic human drive. It’s how couples express their love and desire. And it’s what people do to get pregnant.

However, once they’re already pregnant, many couples have questions, even developing doubts and fears, and even avoid sex altogether. Is that entirely necessary? Here are some answers to some common questions.

  1. Does sex during pregnancy cause injury to the fetus? Your developing baby is in a protective sac filled with amniotic fluid, and the uterine wall is pure muscle. A few nights of amorous intimacy won’t affect your baby.
  2. Is it safe to have sex while pregnant? If you and your partner are healthy, your pregnancy is normal, and there are no problems or complications, then you can have sex as often as you please. Your hormones might get in the way, however, as you develop symptoms that would hinder your enthusiasm and sex drive. Your emotions may even get in the way.
  3. When would avoiding sex be a good idea? Sometimes it would be better to put intimacy on hold, at least for a little while. Be cautious about having sex if any of these issues are present:
    • a. You have been diagnosed with placenta previa.
    • b. Your cervix is prematurely opened.
    • c. You have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
    • d. You have previously had premature birth or preterm labor.
    • e. Amniotic fluid is leaking out of your uterus.
  4. Will I get a miscarriage from having sex during pregnancy? Miscarriages in the first trimester are typically caused by complications brought about by aberrant chromosomes or developmental fetal issues that you have no control over. Among the many things that can cause you to miscarry, having sex is generally not one of them.
  5. What positions are best when you are pregnant? Early on during pregnancy, the sexual positions you and your partner are used to shouldn’t be a problem. However, as you enter the later stages of your pregnancy, you and your partner should talk about what works best for you and your partner’s comfort and pleasure. Communication is key.
  6. Should I use condoms? Here are three compelling reasons for using a condom:
    • a. If your partner has contracted a sexually transmitted infection.
    • b. You and your partner are not mutually monogamous.
    • c. You start having sex with a new partner while pregnant
  7. How soon after I give birth can I have sex? Generally, you can return to normal sexual activity as soon as you feel like you’ve recovered. After going through labor and delivery, you may feel like you need to rest. You might also experience having no vaginal lubrication during intercourse. So as soon as you and your partner are comfortable and ready for intimacy, you can get back to having normal sexual activity.