Foods To Boost Male Fertility

For the typical male, the right amount of nutrition is a significant part of healthy living. This also determines whether he may have major fertility issues. According to statistics, men are responsible for 40% of all impotency problems. Erectile dysfunction is just one example of fertility problems men face.

Current studies show that inadequate sperm quality and low production of sperm are directly connected to poor eating habits and too much liquor consumption. Here are foods that a man can take to generate a lot of fertile sperm:

1. Tomato
These foods are packed with lots of potent anti-oxidants called lycopene. One of the main reasons males suffers fertility issues is weak sperm. Eating a lot of tomatoes will help the man produce healthy amounts of sperm. If tomatoes are not available, you can also consume ketchup, tomato juice, tomato sauce, watermelon, or pink grapefruit.

2. Pomegranate Juice
Research shows that consumption of pomegranate juice can lead to production of healthy sperm. This delicious male fertility food lowers the amount of malondialdehyde within the blood without negatively impacting sperm generation. The juice from a pomegranate can also remedy erectile dysfunction.

3. Pumpkin Seeds
A male who eats the seeds of this vegetable will experience increased levels of testosterone and greater amounts of sperm produced. This food is packed with omega-3 fatty acids designed to get blood flowing around the reproductive organs. This will obviously improve the function of the penis during sexual intercourse while raising sperm quantity.

The seeds of a pumpkin also have lots of Vitamin E to facilitate the movement of sperm. Males who want to produce a lot of healthy sperm can achieve the best results by eating one-fourth of a cup every day.

4. Oysters
This succulent food from the sea is crammed with zinc, a crucial component in boosting the levels of sperm and testosterone in males. You can easily resolve any fertility issues by consuming around six oysters, and gain a double dose of zinc. Zinc is also useful for enhancing the immune system. You can also get zinc from other foods like peanuts, chocolate, beans, turkey, lamb, the lean of beef, and wheat germs.