Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

The wonders of pregnancy are often tempered by its responsibilities. Because any pregnancy is challenging, especially for first-time moms, it is necessary to take care of one’s self in the utmost possible manner. One of the most important priorities is to monitor the foods you eat.

It’s a cautious time for any mother. Loading up on all the necessary nutrition can be a burden, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve listed some of the foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. Hopefully some of your dietary concerns will finally be satisfied with the following pointers.

Not All Fish Should be Eaten

Fish is a good source of protein, but not all are good for your baby’s health. Avoid fish that may contain mercury. The damaging effects of this substance have been well documented, as it has been associated with birth defects and even miscarriage.

Eat fish that are fresh and full of good protein. Salmon and sardines are great for your baby’s development. These are known to be quite beneficial for the infant, especially the development of the brain and the nervous system.

Avoid Fried Foods

While it is not necessarily a problem to actually eat fried foods, the effects that it has on the digestive system are something a mother should be concerned about. Fried foods are more difficult to digest than carbohydrates and protein. With all the changes that are happening within your body, the last thing you need is a case of indigestion.

As much as possible, avoid eating fried foods too often. Grill your meat as much as possible. Also, do not eat your food raw or unwashed thoroughly. The bacteria and other organisms in unwashed food can have adverse effects on your baby as well.

No Coffee Please

If you drink coffee regularly, then pregnancy is a time where you should learn moderation. Decrease your intake when you’re pregnant. Caffeine affects your baby’s heart rate, which could possibly become irregular if you drink too much coffee. This might then lead to several complications during pregnancy.

Doctors have suggested that you do not actually have to stop drinking coffee. A good 150 mg a day (a standard cup of coffee) should be the daily limit.

Just Eat Right!

Eating right simply means eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong ones, and watching your portions. Avoid junk foods and be sure to treat yourself to plenty of fruits and vegetables. This way, you can take care of your welfare and your baby’s as well.