Finding Success With In Vitro Fertilization

Infertility could be considered a big stumbling block in a couple’s pursuit of completing their family. But nowadays, it is possible for aspiring parents to overcome these hurdles with the help of In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is not exactly a new technology in the medical field. The first successful procedure recorded in 1978. But could people really rely on this procedure to give them the angel that they’re hoping for?

Infertility has been plaguing relationships for a very long time, so maybe it is time for people to give methods like IVF a chance. After all, there’s no greater reward than being able to bring life to another person.

The Solid Facts

Infertility could affect both men and women. This is prevalent issue that affects nearly 10 percent of people age 20 and up around the world. Only five percent of all the couples with infertility seek the help of IVF primarily due to its complex and expensive process. However, the great thing about IVF is that it offers couples a higher chances of getting pregnant.

A woman under the age of 35 can expect a 30-35% chance of success after the IVF process. For women aged between 35 and 40, there’s a 20 to 25 percent chance of having a baby. Apart from the age difference, the success rate may also vary depending on the cause of infertility and where the procedure is done.

A Reason for Hope

The figures may not be much, but for couples who are slowly losing hope as time passes, the success percentages offered by IVF is enough to convince them to give this method a shot. Many couples have tried and failed for years. IVF is usually the last resort for those trying to conceive.

There are several options couples can take with regard to this matter. Men and women could start with fertility drugs. For those with structural problems in their uterus or fallopian tubes, fertility surgery may be a solution. If these things don’t work, they could go for artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination. But if all else fails, couples still have IVF to turn to.

The success rates of IVF vary. However, we can’t dispute its effectiveness. In the United States alone, more than 200,000 babies are born with the help of IVF and other similar techniques. Do your research or consult your local IVF center to get more information.