Fertility Diet For Men

The infertility rate for men has steadily increased through the years. This is caused by a variety of health issues, particularly diet and lifestyle. These days, many men are unaware of the changes that their bodies undergo. It is this lack of information that has led most to believe to be the root cause of the infertility rate.

The Current Lifestyle

Men are often too busy to take care of themselves. They let go, thinking that they can eventually make up for it by going to the gym. But the problem is a lot bigger than that.

Too much smoking and indulging in junk food or fast food can be harmful to the body, especially to one’s reproductive health. If this isn’t under control, the problem will escalate.

It’s pretty obvious where men should start regaining control of their reproductive health. Proper diet is the best way to regain one’s libido and sexual health. However, eating right and knowing what foods to avoid can be a challenge. In this case, where do we start?

What Men Should Eat

Studies have shown that males have as much to do with failed pregnancies as women do. Low sperm count, decreased motility and other adverse developments can be corrected by improving diet. Here are some of the foods that can help bring back your potency and testosterone levels.

  • Foods rich in Zinc

You may have heard of oysters being a great aphrodisiac. This is due to its high levels of zinc, which can boost one’s testosterone levels and increase your sperm count. A steady diet of this delicacy isn’t actually advisable, however. Other foods like beef, poultry and dairy products should also be considered for a zinc-rich meal.

  • Fruits and vegetables

It’s a cliché already to include fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. But do you know that it actually does help in alleviating male infertility? Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that help in protecting the sperm from damage and increasing their life span. Folic acid, Vitamin B and Vitamin A, which can also be found in these foods, are also good for reproductive health.

  • Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds increase blood flow and libido for high quality sperm and increased   testosterone production. This is because of the high Omega 3 fatty acid content in these seeds.

Overall, avoid unhealthy foods. Fried foods and junk foods can decrease the quality of your sperm. It is also important that you couple your good diet with proper exercise. Discipline yourself to indulge in such a diet.