Facts About Pregnancy that You Probably Didn’t See Coming

It seems like everyone has something to say about pregnancy these days. From your mother-in-law to your friends, the topic of conception seems to constantly generate a buzz. No doubt, some of their tips will have proven to be quite helpful. But who is really giving the right advice?

The Things you PROBABLY Didn’t Know

Imagine yourself thinking about how much you would love to have a baby one day. Now, imagine when that day comes and all of a sudden the doctor tells you that you are incapable of conceiving a child. It can be a devastating blow to all the plans that you have for a happy family. And it happened all because you weren’t doing the right things to take care of your reproductive health.

Pregnancy must never be taken lightly. There are some facts and principles that need to be understood. These will help you and your partner conceive a child, and know what to expect along the way. You will also gain a better perspective of how things work.

Facts about Pregnancy that Might Surprise You

For the benefit of your future family, here are some facts that might prove helpful. Be warned. Some of the things listed below just might astonish you in a big way.

  • Men have as much to do with infertility as women do

Whenever something goes wrong, it always seems that women are advised get checked out first. In reality, men should accept the responsibility of getting their reproductive health evaluated just the same.

Low sperm count and motility are possible men’s health issues leading to infertility. Such occurrences happened for many possible reasons. From cigarette smoking to wearing tight pants for long periods, these have been known to be related to a lot of infertility problems for men.

  • Try it before ovulation

Many do not know this but women are actually more likely to get pregnant before they start ovulating. With the egg bound to leave the uterus, the sperm can survive within the female reproductive tract for over a week. This makes it possible for conception while the ovum is still in the fallopian tube.

This will have to depend on the amount of sperm that is released by your partner. The more sperm there is, the more there will be left swimming around in the uterus.

  • Yoga actually works

The emphasis on the importance of working out has been reiterated very frequently already. We all know that even pregnant women need exercise. But did you know that it could actually help you get pregnant?

Yoga has been proven to increase the possibility of pregnancy, after a Harvard study showed that a high number of women getting pregnant after practicing yoga. This has lead experts to believe that being constantly stressed has resorted to failed pregnancies. In which case, yoga is a good solution for this.

  • Watching pornography increases sperm motility

Yes my friends, you’ve read that right. Watching porn has been linked to increasing the health of one’s sperm. Experts have found out that watching heterosexual porn actually strengthens your sperm cells. So, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, please continue the deed, boys.

You never know when even the simplest things can have an effect on fertility. To be sure, visit your gynecologist frequently to get the best advice. As much as your friends will try to help, nothing still beats professional advice from the doctor you trust.