Dealing With Common Pregnancy Complaints

Pregnancy like any other body changes has its own side effects. Unpleasant symptoms such as nausea,
fatigue, bloating, fluid retention and mood swings are usually caused by hormonal fluctuations that
occurred in every pregnancy. Thus, a pregnant woman should take note that there should be a change in their diet in order to cope with these changes and minimize pregnancy complaints.

Having nausea/morning sickness is very common to women during the first trimester. Pregnant women find that sipping fizzy soda with fresh squeezed lemon and ginger tea help reduce this symptom. In addition, taking an extra 10-25 milligrams of vitamin B6 and supplementary foods rich in the said
vitamin such as lean meats, fish and avocados, also help easing nausea.

Most women experience swelling during pregnancy, in other words, edema. Drinking more helps prevent swelling. Also, wearing hosiery can also help reduce fluid retention. And lastly, adding little calcium and magnesium prevent edema and bloating.

Another symptom that occurs during pregnancy is fatigue. Having a regular exercise is the best way to avoid pregnancy induced fatigue. You will actually feel much better after having your exercise and not the other way around. Also, eating light meals per day that is rich in iron will help you feel energize and prevent you from having anemia that is a common cause of fatigue.

Mood swings is very common to pregnant women and it is prevent by having plenty of rest and adding essential fatty acids.

We must not forget that these pregnancy changes are inevitable and temporary!