Common Mistakes Made By First Time Parents

Parents-to-be beware! The hardships don’t stop at just getting pregnant. In a matter of months, you may be experiencing the most challenging phase of your relationship. Bringing a newborn child into the world can be full of trials and tribulations. But should you be panicking?

Whether this is the first or the fourth time around, you are bound to make mistakes along the way. This is the first thing you have to remember when raising a child. You’re only human. But eventually, these same mistakes serve an important purpose: to help you become a better parent for your child.

Parenting is a learning experience. No amount of guidance from an expert, or even your own parents will give you a definitive answer to all your questions. The best that you can do is to learn as you go. And of course, you also have to constantly stay level-headed all throughout.

Don’t Panic!

There will be plenty of anxious moments, especially during the first year of your child’s life. No matter what happens, you must never panic. If your baby senses the anxiety, this will only make them feel more uncomfortable than they already are.

Babies are bound to cry at the slightest discomfort. Barring the possibility of a fever or other such conditions (diaper rash perhaps?), they will always express their emotion through tears. The only thing you can do is to deal with it as calmly as possible. Any sudden motions will likely cause more anxiety.

The Difference between Vomiting and Possetting

Possetting is a type of regurgitation that occurs during feeding. Babies mostly experience this during the first six months. This is not to be mistaken for vomiting because of one key difference: the frequency.

Vomiting occurs more frequently than possetting. If a baby throws up a mere 30-45 minutes after his last episode, then most probably there is something wrong.

Oral Care for your Baby

Many first time parents do not pay as much attention to their baby’s teeth especially during the first months. But for naturally aligned choppers, proper oral care is necessary. This means you need to have your baby checked by a dentist regularly.

It is also important that you do your part. In this case, wipe your baby’s gums with a soft cloth every now and then. Avoid baby bottle decay by feeding your child with infant milk once teeth start to come out.

Parenting can be a daunting task the first time around, no doubt. But you can’t help but also be excited. Seeing your baby grow every day is a precious time for any parent.