A Guy’s Guide to IVF

Conception problems are mostly blamed on women, mostly due to misinformation and an incomplete understanding of the factors involved in a couple’s attempt to conceive a child. But is it really true? Do women really deserve this much blame for such difficulty?

Men Have to do Their Part as Well

Studies have shown that men have as much to do with infertility as women. About one-third of failed pregnancies can be attributed to problems the male partner has, while another third can traced from the female. Indefinite and unknown causes make up the last third.

This is a clear indication that men must explore possible causes that lead to their partner’s inability to conceive. The most common stems from issuesinvolving sperm count.

Keeping your Sperm Healthy

Sperm count and motility are as important as the health of the eggs within the uterus of a woman. If a couple plans on undergoing In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, it is truly essential that the proper count and motility be met. This is to ensure that the success rate of the process is maximized, producing results without any trouble at all.

IVF and Men

What does it take for men to get the job done? Here are some tips on how you can take care of your reproductive health and have fruitful results when undergoing IVF.

  • Avoid vices and always eat right

Through extensive research, it has been found out that smoking and drinking are linked to infertility problems among men. Undergoing IVF means that you have to be disciplined as well. Avoid vices for the process to actually work.

It is also important that you eat right. A daily diet of unhealthy foods rich in preservatives is not good for your reproductive health. Prepare healthy meals by grilling your meat and having a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables on your plate. Also, always have enough Vitamin C in your diet. Studies have suggested that this can help increase one’s sperm count.

  • Sleep right

Leptin is a substance that is essential for weight reduction. It also happens to be a very important element during the process of fertility. Lack of sleep can result in low levels of Leptin in the body. With most men likely to be lacking in the right amount of sleep, this has to be considered.

  • Wear supporters

Do you often engage in sports? More often than not, too much strenuous activity can affect your reproductive system in a negative way. Always have protection. In this case, proper support equipment will do.

Men truly have as much of an obligation as women do when it comes to IVF. It’s mostly about being disciplined and keeping yourself in top shape for the process to actually take place. For the sake of your child-to-be, always remember to do the right things.