7 Bad Eating Habits

Food is one of the most basic needs of every human. Whether vegetarian, carnivorous, or both, eating is an essential part of daily life. But because of the fast development of society through technology, this necessity has become taken for granted. Eating is now something we do robotically, and even carelessly. Good eating habits have been forgotten and bad habits adopted.

But you can always keep away from these bad habits. Here are 7 tips on how:
1. Do not Skip Breakfast
Every person needs a boost of energy at the start of the day. Aside from the energy boost, a healthy and balanced breakfast in the morning primes your body for more healthier intake during the rest of the day.

This can also help you shed some unwanted pounds as being full in the morning can reduce your cravings throughout the day.

2. Do not Eat before Sleeping
Filling yourself with spicy or fatty foods before sleeping can reduce the amount of sleep that you get. Because of this, you may feel fatigued or sluggish the next day and makes you reduce the amount of physical activity that you get.

3. No Binging
Binge eating or stuffing yourself with fatty foods could lead to weight gain and in the long term other dangerous diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Instead of binge eating, spread out five to six smaller meals throughout the day. You can also add healthier food to these meals to ensure that you avoid gaining weight.

4. Don’t Crash Diet
Starving yourself to lose weight may actually lead to more weight gain since the body’s first reaction would be to store fat. This is because the next time you eat, your body will automatically think that you will avoid eating again for a long time. So instead of storing the necessary proteins and nutrients from your food, it will store fat.

5. Multi-Tasking and Eating
Because of the myriad of activities that you are doing while you’re eating (watching TV, talking on the phone and working), your body fails to monitor how much food you are eating and is not able to communicate immediately to the brain that you are already full. This then could possibly lead to a bigger you.

6. Rushed Eating
Eating too fast can actually lead to weight gain. Since our bodies need time to digest, and then communicate to our brain that we are full, a record breaking 3 minute meal will only leave you feeling unsatisfied and eating more.

7. Not Drinking Water (or enough of it)
Aside from food, water is another need that we consume everyday. Apart from its natural benefits, not drinking adequate amounts of water actually leads to a slower metabolism and weight gain.

There are probably more habits that every person does, but should stop. It is just every person’s responsibility to remind ourselves on how to follow better habits for a healthier life.