5 Healthy Exercises You Can Do During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of celebration, love, and of unwanted but necessary weight gain. Being pregnant doesn’t mean your health and figure has to suffer permanent damage. There are ways to gain weight in a healthy fashion while doing some easy and safe pregnancy exercise routines.


Walking is the simplest and most effective pregnancy exercise. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and also one of the safest pregnancy exercises to engage in. Walking is one of the few pregnancy exercises that you can do for the complete duration of your pregnancy.


Swimming is an extremely beneficial heart healthy pregnancy exercise. Countless doctors and pregnant women have confirmed the wonderful benefits of swimming during pregnancy. A weekly pregnancy swimming exercise routine gives great workout for both arms and legs while promoting cardiovascular health. From the nature of being subdued in water, swimming will also remind expectant mothers what it felt like before the pounds were added on. This is definitely a welcome change every now and then.


Aerobics class is another exercise routine you can start doing to keep your body healthy. Many fitness and community centers offer low impact aerobics classes for pregnant women. A nice benefit of this pregnancy exercise is the company of other pregnant women under the watchful eye of a professional aerobics instructor. This means you are going to get a safe workout catered to the special needs of pregnancy.


Although you must only use very light weights when engaging in this pregnancy exercise, weight training is an excellent way of toning your body and increasing muscular strength.


The last healthy pregnancy exercise you can do to stay fit is Pilates/yoga. Both of these body conditioning exercises promote stretching and flexibility within the muscles. Yoga is also a nice accompaniment to walking. By doing a combination of these pregnancy exercises, you can have a healthy balanced cardiovascular routine.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice exercise and health. By walking, swimming, doing aerobics, weight training, and engaging in a Pilates/yoga routine, you can have a healthy and fit pregnancy.