4 Weight Loss Secrets You Won’t Find in Diet Books

With the overwhelming choices of weight-loss techniques, plans and fad diets, it has become difficult to determine which among them actually works best for people.

There are some that are too restrictive, others are too extreme and those that don’t even feel like real diet plans. But no matter which of them you may try, there are always fundamental things that you should remember when trying to lose weight.

1. Mental and Physical Readiness- There are many changes that will happen once you follow a strict diet. Make sure that you are physically, emotionally and psychologically ready to go through with it. It is best to keep in mind that the long-term plan of a diet is to shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. There may also be some physical requirements that may actually be dangerous for you to practice right away.

Make sure to test yourself and get the advice of your doctor. You can also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to follow permanent changes in your diet?Is your body ready for any physical stress that it may encounter?
  • Is your body ready for any physical stress that it may encounter?
  • Will you be able to stick to your new lifestyle despite external factors?

Ask yourself these questions, and see if your mind and body are ready.

2. Set a Vision for Yourself- The most common reason for dieting is to lose weight and to look good, though it is also important that a person has a deeper, more heart-felt reason for going on a weight-loss plan. This could be something like: to be able to run with your kids, climb a mountain or simply become a healthier person. This deeper reason is your Vision, and should be your biggest weight-loss motivator.

3. Coach Yourself- Despite being your own worst critic, you should always stick with the positives. Self-motivation is a very important aspect of weight-loss. Telling yourself that “Man, I’m looking good today!” helps push you to try harder and go further with your program. Stop bringing yourself down because this will just leave you feeling disappointed and disheartened.

4. It Really Isn’t That Easy- Though as much as you would want to believe that you can be like those celebrities who have all day to diet, rest, exercise, it is almost impossible to have a lifestyle such as theirs. The reason it may also seem easier for them is that it is already part of their lifestyle, and is automatic. For most of us, we have become used to the work-eat-sleep life, and failed to incorporate a health factor in this. The change will be a lot of work. It actually takes about 21 days for a person’s body to accustom itself to new habits, but once your new lifestyle becomes automatic, it will surely be worth all the work.