How Would you Know if you’re Pregnant or Not?

How do you know if you are actually pregnant? The signs vary in so many ways. Plus, they tend to be so generic that they can indicate other bodily conditions as well. Sometimes, it’s easier to go to your OB Gyn and have yourself checked. Whether you are truly pregnant lies in the signs and symptoms you experience. In some cases, your body will literally be screaming the signs of your current conception. While in other instances, the signs tend to be too subtle for you to make that connection. Nevertheless, it is still important to know which signs and Continue reading →

Money-saving Tips For New Parents

There comes a time in a couple’s life where they settle down and start a family. It’s a major commitment that demands the utmost attention from both partners. But how do you know when you and your partner are ready? Monetary Issues: Totally Unavoidable We can only dream that money wouldn’t be an issue. However, there has to be a constant and growing cash flow to support the needs of a growing family. Expenses for everyday living are on the rise. Despite the inevitable issues you’ll face when starting a family, there are plenty of solutions for these problems. By Continue reading →

Fertility Medications: What You Need To Know

It seems that conception comes with an increasing incidence of complications these days. With the lifestyles that we lead, anyone’s reproductive health can be at risk. The good news is that there are ways to reverse some of the fertility problems encountered by men and women. One of which is fertility medication. What is Fertility Medication? Due to treatments like In Vitro Fertilization, people tend to forget that there are still more cost-effective options when solving conception problems. Fertility medications are highly advertised by experts and doctors because of their safe procedural use and non-invasiveness. Most of these medications, when Continue reading →

Fertility Diet For Men

The infertility rate for men has steadily increased through the years. This is caused by a variety of health issues, particularly diet and lifestyle. These days, many men are unaware of the changes that their bodies undergo. It is this lack of information that has led most to believe to be the root cause of the infertility rate. The Current Lifestyle Men are often too busy to take care of themselves. They let go, thinking that they can eventually make up for it by going to the gym. But the problem is a lot bigger than that. Too much smoking Continue reading →

Calm Down, You’ll Get Pregnant Eventually!

The best things in life are yet to come when you have a child. The idea of rearing a child is an experience like no other. Before you even get there, ask yourself, “How can I bring a healthy baby into this world?” It all starts with your commitment to the process. Not everyone can get pregnant on the first try. For them, the path to conception comes with a lot of trial. And it begins with your perception of pregnancy. Should you be pressured to conceive? Should you blame yourself or your partner after so many failed attempts? Is there Continue reading →

How To Prepare For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is perhaps the most important part in a woman’s life. It’s all about bringing a happy, healthy, bouncing baby into this world. The task seems simple enough, but there are a lot of obligations involved. Being a mother, how prepared are you for this ordeal? Preparing for your Pregnancy The key to preparation is tolerance. Always remember that you are carrying another life within you. It is the health of both you and your child that you have to be wary of. Some of the indulgences that you might have grown accustomed to will have to be taken in Continue reading →

Why People want IVF Success Stories Rather Than Statistics

Exercise your options. It almost sounds like a canned response. When the chips are down, you take another one. In so many ways, this is only natural. But there is one thing hindering people to do this: the uncertainty of the outcome. In-vitro fertilization has seen tremendous progress over the last decade, having become a viable option for couples who can’t seem to conceive. The numbers have supported its cause: a 10 to 20 percent increase in the possibility of pregnancy, with over a million babies (and counting) being delivered by IVF. For the typical couple, how can they merely Continue reading →

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

The wonders of pregnancy are often tempered by its responsibilities. Because any pregnancy is challenging, especially for first-time moms, it is necessary to take care of one’s self in the utmost possible manner. One of the most important priorities is to monitor the foods you eat. It’s a cautious time for any mother. Loading up on all the necessary nutrition can be a burden, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve listed some of the foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. Hopefully some of your dietary concerns will finally be satisfied with the following Continue reading →

Common Mistakes Made By First Time Parents

Parents-to-be beware! The hardships don’t stop at just getting pregnant. In a matter of months, you may be experiencing the most challenging phase of your relationship. Bringing a newborn child into the world can be full of trials and tribulations. But should you be panicking? Whether this is the first or the fourth time around, you are bound to make mistakes along the way. This is the first thing you have to remember when raising a child. You’re only human. But eventually, these same mistakes serve an important purpose: to help you become a better parent for your child. Parenting Continue reading →

A Guy’s Guide to IVF

Conception problems are mostly blamed on women, mostly due to misinformation and an incomplete understanding of the factors involved in a couple’s attempt to conceive a child. But is it really true? Do women really deserve this much blame for such difficulty? Men Have to do Their Part as Well Studies have shown that men have as much to do with infertility as women. About one-third of failed pregnancies can be attributed to problems the male partner has, while another third can traced from the female. Indefinite and unknown causes make up the last third. This is a clear indication Continue reading →