Assisted Reproductive Technology Demystified

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a medical procedure designed to aid infertile couples who are attempting to conceive a child. A number of varied methods are put in this classification, and these practices facilitate the couple in successfully making a baby. Infertility can be caused by different factors. One of the most common causes of women is sterile fallopian tubes. For males, the lack of enough sperm to fertilize a female egg is a possible reason. Statistics show that Assisted Reproductive Technology had a part in the successful birth of at least 30,000 babies every year. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) This Continue reading →

Debunking the Male Fertility Myths

Both men and women play important roles in conceiving a baby.  When a couple is not able to get pregnant and is diagnosed infertile, the woman is not necessarily the one with a problem. Men could equally be infertile, and that they could equally need help in order for the couple to get pregnant. The idea that infertility is solely a women’s concern is probably the biggest fertility myth. One that it is easily debunked by scientific research over the years. The sperm count and the potency of the sperm could easily be the culprit behind the conception problems of Continue reading →

Stress and How it Affects Getting Pregnant

Nowadays, men and women handle the same workload whether in the office or in the field. They put out the same amount of effort, and both may suffer from work-related stress. Even after marriage, most women continue to work to ensure that they are financially capable of supporting their future children. But with all the stress that they’re suffering because of work, a childless future is a scary possibility. How Stress Affects Pregnancy Stress, in general, can interfere with conception because it disrupts the normal functioning of the human body. Stress interferes with your hypothalamus, the gland responsible for emotions, Continue reading →

Men and Infertility: Symptoms and Treatments

Are you and your partner having a difficult time conceiving? The usual conclusion would be that there is something wrong with the female partner. This is not solely the only issue at hand that anyone should be thinking. There are a lot of issues why women can’t seem to get pregnant. Men and Infertility Always remember that pregnancy is a task for both couples. It does not merely rest on the woman. Men also play a big part when during conception. It is said the 40% of infertility cases are said to originate from women. The other 40 % is Continue reading →

Reproductive Health: Defining the Scopes and Processes

Reproductive health is always of paramount value. An individual’s ability to conceive depends on how they improve or maintain their reproductive health. These days, Reproductive Medicine is one of the best solutions to do so. What is Reproductive Medicine? There are many branches of medicine that deals with a specific condition. Contrary to popular belief, Reproductive Medicine is actually one of the first ever branch to deal with a specific condition. The first ever written work about it dates back to 1237 A. D. It was entitled “The Complete Book of Effective Prescriptions for Diseases of Women” and was published Continue reading →

Are There Exercises for Pregnant Women?

Exercise is an essential activity for everyone because it strengthens the body and the immune system. This is a very important step in staying in shape. Exercising is an activity that should be done on a daily basis, but what if you are pregnant? Are there exercises designed for pregnant women? Is it safe? The answer is yes. In fact, they need it more than ever. It’s important to stay healthy especially when you are carrying a child. This is to make sure that you have the strength and stamina to handle childbirth. Types of Exercises For Pregnant Women There Continue reading →

Gynecology Tools: Their Application and Significance

The field of medicine has grown over the years with several new fields over the years. One of which is the field of gynecology. What is gynecology? Also referred as “the science of women, it primarily deals with the entire female reproductive system. Just like any medicine specialty, doctors on this field need to have latest tools to ensure the safety of their patients. Due to the delicacy of women’s health, obstretician and gynecologist need to choose the right tools to address their needs. Here are some of the most common ones: 1. Venthouse This tool operates like a vacuum. Continue reading →

Finding Success With In Vitro Fertilization

Infertility could be considered a big stumbling block in a couple’s pursuit of completing their family. But nowadays, it is possible for aspiring parents to overcome these hurdles with the help of In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is not exactly a new technology in the medical field. The first successful procedure recorded in 1978. But could people really rely on this procedure to give them the angel that they’re hoping for? Infertility has been plaguing relationships for a very long time, so maybe it is time for people to give methods like IVF a chance. After all, there’s no greater reward Continue reading →

Infertility: The Causes and How to Avoid it

Having a child is the most important part of the union between a man and woman. For them, sharing their love for each other to their children is the best feeling in the world. This is whay many couples are always anticipating the time when their doctor inform them that they are going to have a baby soon. However, sometimes getting pregnant is not as easy as most people think. In some cases, the wife or husband suffers from infertility problems. Infertility is a medical condition that prevents couples to conceive. What causes this problem? How to avoid it? Let’s Continue reading →

Foods To Boost Male Fertility

For the typical male, the right amount of nutrition is a significant part of healthy living. This also determines whether he may have major fertility issues. According to statistics, men are responsible for 40% of all impotency problems. Erectile dysfunction is just one example of fertility problems men face. Current studies show that inadequate sperm quality and low production of sperm are directly connected to poor eating habits and too much liquor consumption. Here are foods that a man can take to generate a lot of fertile sperm: 1. Tomato These foods are packed with lots of potent anti-oxidants called Continue reading →