Artificial Insemination For Infertility

Artificial insemination is a process that is designed to help remedy certain types of infertility issues for both males and females. In this technique, male sperm is directly put in the uterus, fallopian tubes, or cervix of the female. The chances of getting pregnant increases with this procedure since the sperm will have longer shelf life and meet a fertilized egg. This alternate method of conceiving a child is an innovation since no medical procedure like it has been done before. The most widely applied method of artificial insemination is known as Interuterine insemination (IUI). In this process, the male Continue reading →

Fertility Treatments For Infertility Problems

As women continue to age, the risk of miscarriage goes up, and the possibility of bearing a child lowers. These infertility problems are caused by several factors: heredity, medical history, physical condition, and age. The good news is that some of these health ailments can easily be remedied depending on the elements that are causing the medical issue. It is no surprise that some couples are hesitant to choose a fertility treatment. Apart from the fact that these methods can be costly, couples also have to invest in a significant amount of time to conceive a child. Thanks to medical Continue reading →

The Test Tube Baby In The Fertilization Process

Couples who had a difficult time conceiving a child because of age, few undeveloped eggs, low sperm count, or barren fallopian tubes can now bear children via in-vitro fertilization. When the fertilization process is done, the resulting offspring is considered a test tube baby. IVF: What You Need To Know The natural process of making a baby begins when an ovum separates from the ovaries of the woman, and travels down the fallopian tube. Once the egg and sperm meet, fertilization occurs. The fertilized egg will journey to the wall of the uterus and split into cells. Conception will not Continue reading →

Your Obstetrician and the Three Stages of Pregnancy

Childcare does not begin in conception. Rather, it begins even before the mother-to-be is pregnant. Taking care of the unborn baby is as important as giving him proper means for growth. The priority of any expecting mom is to make sure that she gives birth to a healthy infant. There are a lot of ways to achieve this with visiting an obstetrician the most important one. The Importance of an Obstetrician A mother giving birth will need the help of a professional practitioner during her nine months of pregnancy. An Obstetrician is a specialist in the practice of Obstetrics. This Continue reading →

In Vitro Fertilization 101: Getting Pregnant Made Easy

Getting pregnant is truly a very special moment. It is the culmination of the love shared by the husband and wife. For all that they have been through together, conceiving a child is the greatest achievement that any couple can have. Giving life is an important yet challenging and sometimes difficult process. Not everyone is blessed with the capability of conceiving a child despite their efforts. In Vitro Fertilization The field of medicine has seen a surge of innovative discoveries in recent years. One of which is the advancement in reproductive health particularly with new infertility treatments.  Compared to medications Continue reading →

Naturally Prevail Over Fertility Problems

Only a small number of couples anticipate a fertility problem when starting a family of their own. Most people think that conceiving a child simply equates to the expression of mutual love. However, there are other factors that can hamper the chances of a couple having children. Majority of fertility problems are usually due health and infertility issues by either spouse. The good news is that these problems can be avoided. There are several methods to avoid infertility with natural means being the most preferred by experts. What you should know about PCOS This common female fertility problem (Polycystic ovarian Continue reading →

Cancer Among Women: Ways To Avoid Them

The recent advances in medicine have brought forth some very interesting and important discoveries. These days, there are more definitive treatments for disease. Modern medicine has made advances in diagnosis, treatment, or in some cases, effective preventive measures to deter the development of disease. It is this development that we should be looking forward to with much hope and promise. Women and Cancer In the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of women affected by deadly diseases. Most patients with Alzheimer’s disease are women. Another alarming statistic is the number of female cancer patients. Although there Continue reading →

The Natural Treatment: How To Slow Down the Process of Aging

Aging is a universal unavoidable process for everybody. The urgency of this process galvanizes people to make an effort to delay or even defeat it. Many women fear the effects of aging on their bodies. Luckily, advances in medicine have been made to counteract the process of aging, and there are countless products designed to promote or imitate youth. But is it really enough to take a dietary supplement or put some kind of synthetic cream on your face just to look younger? Every woman has a natural desire to stay young. Aging not only lessens one’s youthful, vibrant glow, Continue reading →

Parenting 101: The Path to Being Good Parents

What does it take to be a great parent? Are there secrets to raising a child that your parents just never told you about? How do you know when you’re doing the right things? These are just some of the questions that fledgling parents ask. Parenting is a skill that requires time and experience. Although there are countless books on this, there is no magic formula that turns ordinary people into great parents. It depends on so many factors that only you and your child experience, sometimes together. Changing Times Call for Changing Measures Parenting is about figuring out how Continue reading →

Child Rearing 101: Tips for Single Moms

The challenge of raising a child comes with so many responsibilities. Aside from clothing, food and shelter, it is also important to provide your child with the attention he needs for his emotional and social well-being. Bringing him into a situation where he can truly flourish as a person is very important for his future. Child Rearing for Single Parents The number of single parents nowadays has increased dramatically, with most of whom being women. Times are changing and women are becoming more and more independent despite the challenges of getting pregnant and becoming a mother. For single women, having Continue reading →